We aim to conduct our business in a manner that protects the environment by working to ensure that all relevant environmental legislation, regulation and approved codes and practice are met.

Waste management

The Company is committed to recycling wherever or practical, including paper, IT equipment, hangers and returned worn clothes. We recently reassessed the way in which we recycle cardboard waste and now all cardboard waste is returned from stores via our delivery network to our stores via our delivery network to our distribution centre where it is recycled centrally alongside all head office waste.


Scope 1 emissions principally comprise fuel consumed in the Group’s freight; company car and grey fleet and have been calculated using mileage and fuel records.

Scope 2 emissions comprise electricity consumption with the source of data being supplier invoices, in conjunction with the UK Government Conversion Factors for company reporting.


Health and Safety

We want shopping and working with Bonmarché to be an enjoyable and safe experience. Health and safety standards are well established within the business and compliance is monitored by the Board.

Our dedicated health and safety team continues to work to ensure we comply with the current statutory requirements and our continued partnership with health and safety consultant ELCONS supports us in continuing to drive forward our health and safety initiatives.

The business continues to be supported by a health and safety committee which meets quarterly with representatives from across the business.